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Learn how and why overgrowth of gum tissue is not uncommon with wearing traditional orthodontic braces Patients have choices for treating hyperplasia which can include laser treatments and traditional gum therapies provided by a periodontist.
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Gingival Hyperplasia (overgrowth of gum tissue) has multiple causes. Common factors can include congenital factors, medication history and accumulation of bacteria.

Many patients have difficulty maintaining pristine oral health conditions after being fitted with orthodontic braces. Many patients are recommended to use irrigation products to help with the daily oral hygiene regimen that controls excess accumulation of bacteria.

Gummy Orthodontics Surgery The adjacent preoperative treatment photo represents the extent to which a patient's gum tissues had grown over the course of his treatment.

Crown Lengthening and tissue recontouring procedures were performed on a tooth by tooth basis.

IV sedation was used to assure absolute comfort during treatment, along with Valium and Versed. The medications were very successful in creating an almost ideal treatment environment for the sensitive patient.

After Picture Crown Lengthening The adjacent picture shows the natural appearance of normally sized tooth structure relationships on both the upper and lower arches.

The crown lengthening, gingival reshaping and recontouring treatments were performed shortly before orthodontic treatment ended to assure a great looking cosmetic result after the braces are removed.

Performing this procedure too early, for some patients, can result in the overgrowth condition to occur again.

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